How to send written letters.

Adding written notes into your strategy is the best thing you can do for customer retention and loyalty. Penned is on a mission to empower businesses in creating personalised communication through genuine connections.

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You type

We aim to make the process as seamless as possible for you.  Simply type and we take care of the rest. We’ll confirm how it displays and then get ready to surprise and delight your recipients.

Happy Birthday {{DogsName}}!
Hey {CustomerName}, we are so happy to hear that your furry friend {{DogsName}} has turned {DogsAge} today!
For us at Doogle, we know how much we love to treat our best friends, so as a little birthday wish here is {{DiscountAmt}} off your next order. Use {{Code}} at checkout on your next order. Have an incredible birthday {{DogsName}}.
{{AgentName}} from the Doogle Store Team.

We write

Every letter, note or card can be personalised to your individual recipient with any data you provide us.

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Writing Style

Our advanced AI technology ensures every letter, note or card is unique.  Choose a desired writing style from our professional real handwriting options. 

What sizes can you send?

A4 letter

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  • Share your story, updates and detailed information with your clients
  • Premium linen textured paper
  • Up to 1300 characters  (depending on style size)
  • Beautifully crafted envelopes with a wax seal

A5 card

Penned.co Handwritten Cards - A5 Card Eg
  • A way to connect with succinct and perfect for prospecting, invites and promotions
  • Premium linen thick paper 300GSM (depending on style size)
  • Up to 620 characters

A6 card

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  • Fantastic way to say thank you, or a short follow-up
  • Premium thick linen paper with 300GSM
  • Up to 330 characters (depending on style size)

Unique User Level Tracking

Imagine knowing having a direct marketing campaign where you can measure a level of engagement at an individual level.

At Penned we decided to lead the way in how companies can measure and track individual engagement. 

What does this mean?

Depending on your campaign we work with you to track individual recipient engagement rates through our unique tracking dashboard.

For example..
Website visits vs mail out 50%
Unique visits vs total 23%
Penned Unique Tracking Dashboard for Pen to Paper Marketing

We would love to help maximise your return, engage your recipients and see incredible results. Reach out to us to learn more.